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Electro-spray differential mobility analysis ("ES-DMA") is a powerful method for the detection and characterization of nano-particles in the size range of 1-200 nanometers.  Our systems integrate the middle two of the four step ES-DMA process:

1. Sample preparation (various)

2. Aerosolization & Ionization (ES)

3. Particle separation (DMA)

4. Detection (various)


Gas phase samples can bypass the aerosolization step.


NanoEngineering systems incorporate patented improvements to electro-spray ionization and high resolution DMA in a computer controlled, safe, easy-to-use benchtop cabinet, packaging the most challenging elements of the method.  Sample preparation and detection are external to NanoRanger, allowing researchers to configure a system to their unique requirements and to integrate with existing lab accessories. 



Liquid samples are aerosolized, ionized and neutralized (to maximize +1,2 and 3 charges) after sample preparation. Gas samples require only ionization. Note gas sample testing may often require calibration with liquid samples.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 8.19.53 PM.png


  • Multiple sample inputs:

    • Liquid vial to ES​​

    • Capillary input to ES

    • Gas phase direct to DMA 

  • Duo-pole (D models) Electro-spray with built-in, efficient neutralizer with no radioisotope handling

  • Digital camera control of ES "taylor cone"

  • Highest resolution DMA ever made, with resolving power exceeding 100x for some samples

  • Industry leading voltage range -10KV to +10KV

  • All liquid and airflows computer controlled with metered feedback loops.

  • Choice of outputs:

    • Condensed Particle Counter​

    • Electrometer

    • Tandem DMA or mass spec


Choose a NanoEngineering System and configure options and accessories.

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Download detailed specifications for our Systems.

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