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The who, what, where and when.

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Prof. John Fenn receiving the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


It all began in the Nobel Award winning mind of the late Prof. John Fenn of Yale University. His groundbreaking discovery combined electrospray with mass-spectrometry analysis to form ES-MS, enabling the identification of proteins and macromolecules and essentially creating the science of proteomics. Prof Juan Fernandez de la Mora of Yale University has carried Fenn's legacy forward by pairing electro-spray with differential mobility analysis (ES-DMA).  


NanoEngineering was established by Jerry Schmitt, an undergraduate student of both Fenn and de la Mora, to commercialize ES-DMA technology through miniaturization and automation. Initially focused on the homeland security sector through a fruitful collaboration with the US Army’s Edgewood (MD) Chem-Bio Center, in the 2010s NanoEngineering's focus shifted to environmental and climate change with the introduction of its first product, the IonRanger.


In 2019 Prof Fernandez de la Mora demonstrated excellent laboratory results in larger particle identification, leading NanoEngineering to introduce the NanoRanger in 2021, an instrument designed for the screening of nano-particles including viruses, and to adopt our current mission statement: NO MORE PANDEMICS.




Founder, Chief Technology Officer
and Member of the Board

Jerome J. Schmitt III (Jerry) earned his BSME from Yale College.  A former student of Yale Prof. J.F. de la Mora, Jerry is knowledgeable concerning the gas-dynamics and plasma-physics employed in the NanoRanger nanoparticle measurement system.  A serial entrepreneur, Jerry is the founder of NEC. Subject matter expert in key engineering disciplines, he is also expert in managing multidisciplinary translational-science teams recruited and organize to address emergent scientific, technical, and business challenges. Co-author of forty-two articles and one book chapter appearing peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, trade publication, Jerry is also named inventor on five US patents.

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