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The current version of IonRanger offered for sale is version 0.5. This system is available for delivery in the Fall of 2022.

IonRanger v0.5 is available in three configurations differing with respect to the electro-spray aerosolizer and neutralizer. Researchers focused on atmospheric particles <10 nm most often select the Mono-pole electro-spray in order to use liquid samples for calibration.

Configure IR

IonRanger is compatible with many upstream sample preparation and robotic sample handling accessories, including those shown here: 


IonRanger supports two forms of external detectors - Condensation Particle Counters (CPC) and Electrometers - including the models shown below. The system also permits sample collection and direct capillary feed to a downstream separator such as a Mass Spectrometer.

NanoEngineering provides all the consumable supplies required to operate IonRanger in your laboratory. 


NanoEngineering offers several service & maintenance options: