Develop advanced tools for high resolution analysis of nanoparticles including intact viruses, drugs/vaccines, ultrafine pollutants and nanomaterials to create better, real-time, decision making capabilities.

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NanoEngineering's ESCRIM™ is an innovative table top, portable instrument which can rapidly and effectively screen saliva or other biofluid samples for a wide range of viruses simultaneously. The technology, developed in the labs of the Yale University School of Engineering, uses innovative sample preparation techniques, electrospray methods created by Prof. Juan de la Mora of Yale University and state-of-the-art ion mobility analyzers to measure particle size. Extensive R&D has enabled NEC to detect and measure a range of nanoparticle sizes not accessible by standard methods. Specifically, the ESCRIM™ can measure intact virus particles over a wide range of sizes, making it the most novel, non-DNA testing method for virus detection.



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In the past decade local and federal governments around the world have initiated air monitoring efforts. In the US alone, revenue in the Air Quality Monitoring market was valued at approximately $2 billion in 2019 with an expected 3.6% CAGR. With airborn diseases, VOCs and fine pollutants endangering the health of billions around the world, monitoring the quality of our air has never been more important.



Nanoparticle Measurement is a market which effects all of us, and many don't even know it. Companies in the paint, mobile phone, chemicals, aerospace and multiple other inudstries will spend over $500 million in 2025 on nanoparticle measurement alone and another $8 billion on nanoparticles as the sector continues to grow at a 5.5% CAGR.

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While many of us will remember COVID and its millions of casualties and trillions of dollars lost as THE pandemic of our lifetime, the global society faces multiple pandemics a decade. From Swine flu in China costing the meat industry over $300 billion to MENA and Zika which have killed thousands and haulted regional economies, humanity needs an effecient, easy and portable method to detect viral compounds. The global virus diagnostics market is estimated at ~$21 billion and is expected to grow at over a CAGR surpassing 9%.

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It all began in the Nobel Award winning mind of the late Prof. John Fenn of Yale University. His groundbreaking discoveries in the world of electrospray coupled with mass-spectrometry analysis created capabilities neccessary to analyze proteins and macromolecules. NanoEngineering was established to commercialize the extended research done at Yale following Prof. Fenn's foundations, and after a successful run in the homeland security sector, a fruitful collaboration with the US Army’s Edgewood (MD) Chem-Bio Center directed NanoEngineering to expand into the healthcare arena. Since then, we have been writing the future of non-DNA virus detection and prevention in public health and biomedicine.

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Founder and  Chief Technology Officer

Jerome J. Schmitt III (Jerry) earned his BSME from Yale College.  A former student of Yale Prof. J.F. de la Mora, Jerry is knowledgeable concerning the gas-dynamics and plasma-physics employed in the NanoRanger nanoparticle measurement system.  A serial entrepreneur, Jerry is the founder of NEC. Subject matter expert in key engineering disciplines, he is also expert in managing multidisciplinary translational-science teams recruited and organize to address emergent scientific, technical, and business challenges. Co-author of forty-two articles and one book chapter appearing peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, trade publication, Jerry is also named inventor on five US patents.

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We are honored to parter with world leading institutions in the fields of virology, structural biology, spectrometry, analytical chemistry and ion mobility analysis.

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NanoEngineering is proud to be expert matters in nanoparticle measurement and detection. We have been mentioned and published in both scientific as well as popular different media.

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